Thursday, 27 November 2008

Free remote support tool

I've come across this tool which is pretty much exactly the same as what has to offer.

Go to to find out more.


Dave T said...

Mikogo is alright for certain tasks, but has its own limitations. I'm currently using Techinline ( which I find to be a perfect remote access solution for supporting my clients, many of whom are computer illiterate to the extent of not being able to install anything. They find this service easy to use, which is probably the most important thing for me.

Hoola Hoop said...

That doesn't look bad, but the point of my post was that it's free (incomparison to the just about exactly the same Beam2support). But for a paid remote tool, it doesn't look too expensive.

Would be nice to find a tool that free/inexpensive that can also support Mac OS X Leopard (like Logmein Rescue, just free/cheap)

Chuan Xu said...

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