Monday, 16 August 2010

Saint Simon of

Dude you are a saint!

This is probably counter-productive in the sense that the more people use his excellent service, the more likely he'll hit the Ordnance Survey quota limits more regularly! (That just so happens to be the case as I'm typing this)

His site is awesome (probably not as much as when you could save your routes, but then I joined up after he had to close that functionality down).

For those (e.g. me) with Macs that can't install Memory-Map on your computers (or with PC's who can't afford their extortionate prices) and want to be able to plot GPX courses on a proper OS map (25k and 50k) that you can upload to your Garmin (or other brands) GPS devices, bikehike is a godsend.

It's quick and easy to use (it even works in my Safari browser for the most part). You can download routes and even upload them later for tweaking before downloading it again. You can see the route elevation profile, etc.

I don't necesarily like paying for services and software, but in this case I'm more than willing to buy Simon a few pints!


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